Graham Hudson Artist
  Graham Hudson - Testimonials
'I had the pleasure of working alongside Graham for four years. He is an exceptional individual with high levels of both talent and integrity. While at Mustard Tree I witnessed Graham not only transform a bare warehouse area into a vibrant and impacting art studio but also transform his own and many other lives in the process. Graham is a highly articulate artist whose passion evident in the way he goes about his art and engages others in the process. In short Graham Hudson is a fantastic artist, a inspiring role model and a jolly good fellow!'
Paul Wenham - Mustard Tree

'Funny how things turn out. When I first met Graham Hudson in early 2008, I think it’s fair to say he wasn’t in the greatest of places; emotionally, socially, financially, spiritually. But just two years on, here I am writing the foreword for his first book - which I’m more honoured to do than I think he knows.
For me, Graham’s journey is nothing short of remarkable; a truly moving story that’s seen him have more than a few brushes with the law. In fact, he’s the first to admit that a couple of stretches inside was the almost inevitable price he’d pay for a colourful life, lived on the edge - seriously. Where on earth he found the time to bring up eight kids, God only knows!
Talking of God, Graham’s faith is his driving force. I’ve rarely met (actually, make that never met) anyone so passionately driven and more likely to inspire me... every time I’m with him.
Graham's first catalogue 'Inside Out' which is soon to be released, features a collection of bold abstract works Graham’s produced over the last five years; some painted in ‘Studio Strangeways’ but most created in the studio he’s recently set up at Mustard Tree, as their Artist in Residence.

Graham happens to be one of the most talented draftsmen I’ve ever met. The quality of his amazingly well observed pencil drawings would certainly impress my Mum – that’s how she judges an artist’s ability – but his real passion is in abstract expressionism.'

Adrian Bentley - Just Good Ideas